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GHR registered Brighton Hypnotherapist

GHSC validated Brighton Hypnotherapist child psychotherapist

An effective psychotherapist or counsellor:

  • Knows how to build rapport quickly with distressed people
  • Understands depression and how to lift it
  • Helps immediately with anxiety problems including trauma or fear related symptoms
  • Is prepared to give advice if needed or asked for
  • Will not use jargon or 'psychobabble' or tell you that counselling or psychotherapy has to be 'painful'
  • Will not dwell unduly on the past
  • Will be supportive when difficult feelings emerge, but will not encourage people to get emotional beyond the normal need to 'let go' of any bottled up feelings
  • May assist you to develop your social skills so that your needs for affection, friendship, pleasure, intimacy, connection to the wider community etc. can be better fulfilled
  • Will help you to draw and build on your own resources (which may prove greater than you thought)
  • Will be considerate of the effects of counselling on the people close to you
  • May teach you to relax deeply
  • May help you think about your problems in new and more empowering ways
  • Uses a wide range of techniques as appropriate
  • May ask you to do things between sessions
  • Will take as few sessions as possible
  • Will increase your self confidence and independence and make sure you feel better after every consultation.


Dr Sharie Coombes, Brighton child specialist hypnotherapist
Dr Sharie Coombes

"The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches but to reveal to him his own".
Benjamin Disraeli

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Clinical psychotherapy and hypnotherapy for children and young people

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