Foundations Therapy and Hypnotherapy solutions for all children and young people aged 2 to 18


Brighton Hypnotherapy for Children by Dr Sharie Coombes
Brighton Hypnotherapy for Children by Dr Sharie Coombes

What are the sessions like?

All Foundations Therapy sessions are unthreatening and may even be fun.

Even if the 'problem' is difficult, the sessions are positive and will never be unnecessarily upsetting for your child or you.

Sessions always use familiar ideas and your child will be helped to feel comfortable. 

Positive change is often noticed quickly. I promise not to take more sessions than necessary to help your child to achieve his or her goals - on average, this is usually between 2 and 6 sessions for most cases. Long-standing difficulties or complex cases can range from 10 to 20 sessions and a written treatment plan is agreed after the third session to provide an outline. Where it is required or wanted, I undertake longer term work after referral from your GP, school or parental referral. Young people can self-refer.

Sessions can be held in Arundel, Brighton & Hove, Haywards Heath and the surrounding areas in either a 'home' environment or in a professional therapy or GP room, depending on the needs of your child. Clinics in Harley Street, London are also offered.

A typical session includes:

  • gathering information about patterns of behaviour
  • identifying how important needs are being met
  • revealing strengths and resources
  • agreeing clear goals for the session and a strategy for change
  • using a range of therapeutic and hypnotic tools 

I usually teach new skills in the session and rehearse these with your child - and even teach you how to use these and other skills at home. This ensures the positive changes are deepened between sessions. Hypnotic work is routinely recorded and sent to you as an MP3. You are very welcome to stay with your child for the full session. I will usually address my questions and my focus to him or her in the main.  

How much does it cost?
Fees include reasonable email, text or phone support for a month after the session:
45 minutes to 60 minutes            £125
90 minutes                                     £150
If cost is an issue for you (due to genuine financial difficulty), please contact me as I believe all children should be able to access this support and I may be able to negotiate a lower fee with you or, if not, refer you to other effective services via your GP.
Should you need to cancel a booked session, please give at least 24 hours' notice otherwise the fee is payable in full.

Payment is by bank transfer or debit/credit card online transfer on the day of the session. You can pay by cash or cheque at the consultation if you are not able to pay online. 

To arrange a session or to discuss any aspect of the therapy, get in touch with me by clicking the contact button. 


Brighton Hypnotherapy for Children by Dr Sharie Coombes
Brighton Hypnotherapy for Children by Dr Sharie Coombes


“We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.” Stacia Tauscher

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