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Success Stories - genuine testimonials

After 2 sessions:
"Amelie is doing really well thank you, she has listened to your tape every night and practises her breathing. The last two days have been great, she goes into school smiling, eats, and goes to sleep well! She even went to her first basketball session after school yesterday, without asking if I would be there and she loved it! We have seen a real positive change in her and I'm convinced the more good days she has, she will realise that she is ok and safe. I can't thank you enough for what you have done for us, I feel we are definitely on the right road to recovery."
Helen, Brighton (age 10, school and separation anxiety, poor eating at school and sleep difficulty)

"Scarlett is on her residential. Her teacher called last night to say she was fine and tonight he text to say that she was doing amazingly well. On the two week run up to the residential (following the most recent session) I think she was the best she's been in a long time. A couple of times she may have said she was nervous but that was all. We didn't have any tears or negativity towards the trip until 8pm the night before when she fell apart for a hour. She then had a good sleep, woke in tears but pulled it all together. She was excited/  nervous on the way to school and held it all together when I said goodbye. Hopefully she has learnt that she can do a lot more than she thinks she can."
Sandra, Horsham (age 10, school and separation anxiety, complex phobia including fear of fainting)

After session 1:
"We and Jack are all happy and very grateful to you for your help! Many, many thanks".

A few weeks after session 2:
" I just wanted to say how fantastically Jack has been getting on and how happy and confident he is. He has boarded for one night at school (he asked to) and he is going for a sleepover this weekend too. He has been to lots of birthday parties and several play dates. Huge achievement  - he went on a cricket course with teachers he had never met and a tennis course at Easter. This term he has really blossomed achieving many of these things in the last few weeks. He was really proud of himself as he took part in the swimming gala even though two of his friends didn't as they were worried. We were talking about you together the other day and it prompted me to e mail ! Thank you again so much for helping him to become the happy Jack that we so much loved. It has transformed his life and ours too as we no longer spend the day thinking about how he is getting on as we know he is fine!"
Alice, Chichester (age 6, low confidence and school anxiety/refusal)

Thanks ever so much for seeing Arthur yesterday. He loved it, especially the couch! He went to bed practising his breathing technique and was asleep by 9pm last night."
Jane, Hove (age 9, low confidence, anxiety and sleep difficulty)

"I feel Sara has made real progress regarding anxiety issues. She is more able to verbalise her worries and is less prone to outbursts of anger."
Rose, Brighton (age 12, low confidence, anxiety and anger)

"Just to let you know that Mark went to sleep well and slept through the night for the first time since this began….
So thanks very much."

Kate, Surrey (age 7, sleep anxiety and night terrors)

"Sally seems to to be doing well so far. Thanks again."
Maude, Brighton (age 12, fear of flying insects)

"Tamsin went on her school ski trip and had a fantastic time. She listened to your recording and felt fine. She has become herself again. Thank you so much for everything, Sharie."
Anne, Sussex (age 10, emetophobia and fear of travel)

"Just wanted to let you know that Clare has succeeded this  morning in eating a breakfast that she has not previously attempted since she was 2 years of age - cornflakes, milk and orange juice .. the most enjoyable breakfast I have ever had/witnessed. She also ate the famous fish fingers at lunch. Although this would be insignificant for many families, the potential impact on our lives is enormous. No trauma .. just a normal eating environment. Thank you."
Sandra and Tom, Switzerland (age 9, severe food phobia)

"Jennie asked me to send you this picture that she made as a thank you. She is going from strength to strength and is now back at school and happy. Thank you for all your help.”
Carol, Hampshire (age 9, school phobia, anxiety and agoraphobia)

"We have just had our first reward tonight after a week of poos every day!! Thank you."
Martha, Kent (age 4, fear of having a poo, toilet refusal)

"Thank you so much for the session, Kai has not wet the bed since and is full of confidence in not wetting again."
Michael, Brighton (age 13, lifelong bed-wetting)

“Just to let you know I had a great time on the school residential trip. It was really great fun and I did lots of activities. I was much more confident with my sleeping and did not seem to have any anxiety. I know this is because of your help and guidance. Thank you ever so much for your help.”

Sam, Sussex (age 12, sleep anxiety and fear of staying away from home)

"Ella has overcome her phobia at last. She notices spiders still but is just calm about them and doesn't scream in fear now."
Simon, Brighton (age 12, spider phobia)

"For over a year my 9 year old daughter had been getting very anxious about needing to go to the toilet when we were away from home. This made family outings and road trips very difficult and affected the whole family and made my daughter very unhappy. Working with Sharie helped her feel much more positive that there was nothing 'wrong' with her and that she could get back to how she used to be. Sharie taught her different techniques to help her stay calm and with practice and a couple of sessions with Sharie she is back to her old self."
Nadine, Sussex (age 9, urination and travel anxiety)

After 3 sessions:
"I hope my testimonial might encourage more people to take this more sympathetic route rather than either ignoring the problem (which, having spoken to many mums since Poppy's problem started can turn out to be disasterous) or getting a GP to refer the child for counselling (which has a very long waiting list and would have been no use for us as Poppy is not a talker and would have pretended everything was alright).

Since her 3 sessions of hypnotherapy with you, our daughter Poppy (age 8) has picked herself up and tackled little by little every area that had caused her a problem since September. Her final hurdle was jumped this week when a supply teacher put her in the middle of the line to sit in assembly rather than at the beginning so she could sit near a teacher. She didn't notice till half way through assembly that she was in the middle! Once she had she realised she felt fine and asked her teacher the next day not to bother putting her at the front anymore... she has become so much more independent. Last Saturday she went to her swimming class without us having to get in the pool (we couldn't even get her in the water 9 months ago)!

Thank you for everything - the last 10 months have been hell but I'm so glad that someone mentioned hypnotherapy to us as it not only helped her out of her "black hole" but, by giving her the tools to deal with issues, it has made her a lot stronger at tackling things as they happen rather than let them fester."

Maria, London (age 11, school phobia, anxiety and travel anxiety)

Some typical verbal comments:

"Thank you, I liked your session and it did make me feel more confident."
Suzie, Brighton (age 17)

"I feel much better now about my Mum and Dad breaking up".
Meryl, Whitehawk (age 9)

"My nightmares have gone and when I remember my dreams, I feel happy. I had a really good dream last night about laying in the sun, listening to the sea".
Trent, Brixton (age 6)

"I'm getting better at controlling my behaviour".
Dottie, Hove (age 11)

"You made me feel much calmer really quickly and it has helped me like when I used the little tricks you taught me to get calm when I was stressed the other day".
Nathan, Ferring (age 14)

Hypnotherapy for Brighton Children by Dr Sharie Coombes

“The childhood shows the man as morning shows the day.”
John Milton, 17th Century Poet

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